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Artist of Oil and Watercolor Painting

About The Artist


      A distinctive style, strong use of color and excellence in design, balance and form can best describe Larry Weston's Paintings. He is considered, among his peers, a master at his trade, Weston's paintings tend to have an inner-glow which is extremely difficult to achieve. Due to his realistic approach and adherence to detail, his paintings seem to spring to life before the viewers eyes.

            His work now hangs in hundreds of private collections and major galleries. He has received numerous awards and honors for his paintings in regional and national shows and he is well respected in the art community. He has also served as the sole judge in local, regional and national art shows as-well-as one of the panel of judges at art shows across the nation.


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           Weston's interest in art was cultivated at a young age - age six, to be exact - when his parents enrolled him in an oil painting class in Phoenix, Arizona. While stationed in Germany with the U.S. Air Force, he was inspired to paint many of the scenes in Europe. While in Germany, he began teaching other servicemen the fine art of oil painting.  After serving four years in the Air Force he continued to paint and teach in his spare time. He relocated to Texas in 1961 and began his career as a commercial artist for the American Quarter Horse Association. In 1972 through the influence of a Dallas friend, Weston was introduced to watercolor with which he immediately fell in love. In 1982 he resigned from his commercial art management position to pursue a full time career in oil and watercolor fine art painting. In the 1990,s he did a TV show called "Adventures in Watercolor" which was broadcast in the Dallas and St Louis areas and along the East Coast. In 2009 he and his wife Shirley moved from Texas to Tennessee to be closer to her family and the beautiful Smoky Mountains where she was born and raised. Weston says there is a wealth of subject matter in The Great Smoky Mountains as it seems that there is a scene just begging to be painted around every curve of the road.


       Weston's work has also appeared in numerous national publications and in art books published by the North Light Publishing Company. One of his paintings is also on the back cover of a book published in Germany in German and he did paintings for the front and back covers of a book entitled "Letters from Boerdonk" along with over 30 illustrations at the beginning and ending of each chapter. Twelve of his paintings were selected to appear individually on greeting cards from a well known greeting card company in the east. 

        A few words about Weston chosen subject matters. He is primarily a landscapes artist. His paintings indicate that he has a keen eye and his attention to detail have become his trademark. His subjects can be found in any season, even the snow of winter. One might see beautiful skies, or bright sunrises or sunsets on his paper or canvas. His paintings often include dirt roads, fences, forests or even a lone tree as the focal point. Weston excels in design, balance and perspective which can be seen in his architectural subjects, such as courthouses, churches, unique buildings and even old log cabins.  An occasional portrait or still life can be found among his many works. Weston likes to incorporate objects from the past where man left his mark behind. His paintings tend to reflect a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. He approaches his artwork in a realistic, traditional manner. Therefore, his original fine art paintings and prints are widely sought after. Weston is often quoted saying, "I paint what I consider is the quiet corners of the World".


         When Weston is not painting, one will likely find him conducting a workshop or teaching a class. His popularity as an instructor has placed a high demand on his time and teaching skills. He has conducted in excess of 500 oil or watercolor painting workshops which last from a few days to several weeks. In addition he has conducted workshops for various art organizations. Weston served as a art instructor for the University of Oklahoma's International Traveling Workshop program and therefore did a great deal of international traveling.

            This artist is a past President of the Southwestern Watercolor Society and a signature member of that Society. He is also a member of other major art associations.