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Artist of Oil and Watercolor Painting

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Gallery of Realistic Paintings


Texas Bluebonnets

Texas Hill Country

The Great Smokey Mountains

The Great Smokey Mountain Cabins

Modern Day Cowboys

  Europe & Mexico

and more



      Welcome to the site of Larry Weston Studio.  Larry is a renowned artist in Southwestern oil and watercolor paintings, Smoky Mountain art paintings, and much more. We invite you to browse around and take a look at some of the beautiful paintings that Larry Weston creates.  Many of the paintings on the site may be purchased in our secure shopping cart.  Thanks for stopping by!

Other artists say -

"Weston's paintings

tend to have an inner-glow

which is very

difficult to achieve."

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Weston says -

"I like to paint

what I consider

the quiet corners

of the World"

"Weston is considered

 by his peers a Master of  both

Oil and Watercolor

painting techniques"

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